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Downloading E-stock

Downloading E-books and E-Audio

You can now search for, borrow and download e-books and e-audio using Arena.  

How do I find e-stock?

You may well come across e-books and e-audio when searching for a title or author.  You can search specifically for e-stock using the Advanced Search option.  When in Advanced Search enter your search terms, for example a title or author, then scroll down the page to the section headed 'Select the type of stock'.  Select either 'e-books' or e-audio' from the list and then scroll to the Search button at the bottom of the page.

What if I cannot find what I am looking for?

Not all books have been published as e-books or e-audio, so the title you are looking for may not in this format yet.  Also many publishers are not prepared to share their e-stock with the public libraries, they would rather sell direct to you.  If you are interested in a specific title then you can contact us with the details and we will see if we can purchase a copy for stock.

How do I download the title I want?

To download e-books you will need Adobe Digital Editions downloaded and an Adobe ID - this enables the three week loan period to be applied, the book to be read and then expire. You can download Adobe Digital Editions here.

To download via Arena follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Borrow e-Media button
  • This will loan the book to you for three weeks
  • Now click on the Download for E-book button
  • This should automatically open Adobe Digital Editions so you can read it.
    There is an option at this point to download an read offline - the book may be split into different sections if it is quite long. Click on these links to do this.

To download e-audio via Arena follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Borrow e-Media button
  • This will loan the book to you for three weeks
  • Now click on the Download for E-audio button
  • This should automatically open your local media player so you can listen to the book.  The download will appear in multiple files (chapters). 

Arena is telling me a title is available but when I try to borrow it a message appears stating it is on loan - what is wrong?

Unfortunately Arena does not know if a e-stock title is on loan already as it does not have a direct connection to our e-stock supplier.  This means a title can show as available for loan, but actually be on loan to another customer.  This is made more complex by the fact that you can download direct from our supplier's website and app as well as through Arena.  The two companies are working on this issue at the moment, but a solution is some time away.  If you find a title you would like but it is on loan please register for the RB Digital service and reserve it via their site or app.


E-books and E-Audio

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