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Jobs, Careers and Skills

Looking for a job? Want to change careers? Would like to develop your skills for the future?  The library can help.

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In the Library

Work Clubs and Career Advisors

Many of our libraries have job clubs or advisors that visit at regular times to provide you with the advice and guidance that you need.

For details of what is happening in your local library follow the links below:

Books and Resources

There is a wide range of books for loan and reference in all our libraries, a taster of these can be found on the right hand side of the page.

Plus there are magazines, newspapers (both national and local) that can be referred to.


Use the library computers or free WiFi to search and apply for jobs, create and update your CV.  Discover more about the IT services in your local library here.

For more information about what is available in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Libraries click here.


There is an amazing wealth of information available online to help you make the next step.  We have brought this all together in the Jobs, Careers and Skills section of the Virtual Library


Books on Careers