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Local Information

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Libraries are the place to access current local information.  Got a question about your local area then try the library!

In the Library

Visit your local library and ask a member of staff to find details of what is happening in your area, plus there are local newspapers available to read.


Local Information Database

This fully searchable database lists clubs, societies and organisations in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.  Follow this link to access the Local Information Database.

Do you run a club or group?  Want to add it to the database?  Then follow the link above and click on Contact Us.

Your Town, Your Village on the Virtual Library

These pages list links to local resources, including councillors, census 2001 data, that are online for each town and village in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.  Click here to go to Your Town, Your Village.

Community Events

Want to know about events happening in your local area?  Want to promote your event or activity?  Then look no further than the Community Events database on the Virtual Library.







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