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Moon:Incredible Kratu; Tess Eagle Swan and Lynne Barrett-Lee:2022 Moon Incredible Kratu; Tess Eagle Swan and Lynne Barrett-Lee
Incredible Kratu; Tess Eagle Swan and Lynne Barrett-Lee
Author: Swan, Tess Eagle
Author: Barrett-Lee, Lynne
Year: 2022
Language: English
Type: Moon
Publisher: Clipper Large Print Books, 2022
Physical or Electronic: Physical
ISBN: 9781004099146
Standard print edition originally published: London: John Blake Publishing
By the time she was in her twenties, Tess Swan had moved into a squat and become addicted to heroin. Unable to maintain social relationships, and suffering terrible mental and physical health, she gave birth to two children she couldn't care for. After later being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and the total collapse of her relationship with her daughter, Tess was at rock bottom. Enter Kratu, Tess' unexpected canine saviour who changed her life. Born on the streets of Romania, Kratu was destined for a life of hardship, that was until Tess decided to adopt him and bring him home. Together they have gone on to achieve amazing things, overcoming multiple obstacles such as Tess's diagnosis with Autism, bringing joy to each other and everyone they meet. Tess's determination and Kratu's lovable energy have warmed the hearts of many, including the crowds of Crufts, where Kratu was a runaway success.
Extent: 330 pages (large print), pbk
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