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Book:The bones of me; Kel Duckhouse:2022:First edition Book The bones of me; Kel Duckhouse
The bones of me; Kel Duckhouse
Author: Duckhouse, Kel
Year: 2022
Language: English
Type: Book
Edition: First edition
Class Number: JT
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Flying Eye Books, 2022
Physical or Electronic: Physical
ISBN: 9781914343032
Living on an East London council estate has its worries - and life for teenager Molly hasn't always been easy. But she has a dream, a dream to be a boxer just like her older brother Denny. When he agrees he'll help her train she couldn't be more excited. But then everything changes. Denny goes missing and the police are after him. Her mom and dad are working all hours to keep the bailiffs from their door and don't have time to worry about Denny. So as Molly secretly continues her training with her friend Kwaku, they decide to search for Denny and find out the truth about his disappearance.
Extent: 206 pages, illustrations (black and white), 22 cm, pbk
Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name: Reviewer Name:
Available: 1
Number of reservations: 0


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